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          Contact: Manager Chen
          Tel: 0372-7775555 0372-7750529
          Fax: 0372-7713696
          Email:Serenazhao@xyylsb.com info@xyylsb.com

          tractional bed

           tractional bed
          • Brand Name : xiangyu
          • Category : Medical devices/Other Devices
          • Place of Origin : Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
          • Supply Ability : 200 Piece/Pieces per Month
          • Payment : L/C,T/T
          • Description :
          • Technical Specifications:


            Main Power Supply: 220V,50Hz

             Power Consumption: ≤600W

            Traction Mileage: 0~200mmLumbar

            Traction Force: 0~99kg (Adjustable)

             Applicable Environment: -30°C~40°C

            Total Traction Time:0~60min(Adjustable)


            1. Has exclusive Semi conducting far infrared lumbar heat treatment system which can strengthen traction effects and comforts.

            2. Jointly using three dimensional tractions i.e. angulation traction, rotation traction and longitudinal traction overcomes deficiency of unitary action and widen the applicable scope of traction to a large extent.

            3.  20 kinds of therapeutic schedule can be stored and read.

                   File management of case history is convenient for clinical application and research work.

            4.   Computer is separated from bed body. Namely, there are two operation systems. These two systems can be used separately and jointly.

            5  Auxiliary color printer or Inkjet printer can be purchased by your choice.

            6 Has exclusive self-control operating system for sufferers.

            7  Has independent cervical traction function

          Contact Info
          Contact: Manager Chen
          Tel: 0372-7775555 0372-7750529
          Email锛?/td> Serenazhao@xyylsb.com info@xyylsb.com
          Fax锛?/td> 0372-7713696
          Web site锛?/td> http://www.xyyl.com
          Add锛?/td> Xihuan Industrial Park ,Neihuang county of Henan Province, China
          P.C.锛?/td> 455000

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